In at the deep end…

Lordy, I’m so nervous doing this, my very first post.  Perhaps I should plan something meticulously, draft, edit, draft, edit, until I am left with just a hello and not a whole lot more.

Me and Mine

Me and Mine – Jade Norwood Photography

Or, as my most common operating mode would have, just wing it.  

I love life, especially mine.  I have a mad, wonderful family, live in an amazing part of the world and have the freedom to make and create whatever my wild heart desires.  What’s not to love?

OK, that seemed quite painless, thankfully.

I bake, sew, quilt, digital scrapbook, sculpt with stone and metal and wire and will turn my hand to anything that takes my fancy, so stay tuned for the good times and bad, and all the stuff that Millbrae makes me make.  xxx


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