The Cover Photos…

Images left to right:
1. Some sweet beach art I made this summer at the shack. It’s just a bunch of twigs, leaves and grasses from the yard, all twined together with some white cotton string. I saw this in a magazine somewhere, and for the life of me I cannot remember where, so if anyone can shed some light so I may credit the source, that would be lovely.
2. My Edie.
3. I finished this quilt for Edie’s bed a while back. It’s the first quilt I’ve ever had professionally quilted – and dang, if it’s not the way to go. Someday, sigh, I’ll have one of those lovely quilting sewing machines, currently I have my mum’s cast-off Janome from the 80’s and it rocks.
4. My Connie. (photo credit – Jade Norwood Photography)
5. Harvest December 2013 at Millbrae, the very last hours before the headers, trucks, bins and all and sundry moved out to our others farms out north.
6. My Reggie.
7. Moonrise from our front yard – did I mention I live in a beautiful land?
8. My world.

One thought on “The Cover Photos…

  1. pat says:

    This looks like a load of fun… Always good to challenge the mind and be creative while you are at it! There are always loads of challenges living on the land, mother nature often plays a few tricks that are a little hard to take at times. Looking forward to an update on this blog.

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