Let Them Craft

I love letting my girls go-for-it, in the crafting and art department.  I just love watching their pudgy little fingers manage scraps of paper, wield the scissors, and manipulate the glue stick to their whims, tongues poking out to the side of their pursed lips in utter concentration.


The mornings work. Necklaces and pom pom critters came later.

I try really hard not to guide, takeover or suggest what they do, I just want them to use their imaginations and create to their hearts’ desire.  But oh lord, the mess!

So happy with herself - the foot and handprints tracking thru the house...

So happy with herself – the foot and handprints tracking thru the house…

I am not that fond of the clean-up part of their creativeness, glue, fluff and all manner of bits and pieces usually end up on any and every surface within a 3 metre range.  I’ve yet to introduce glitter to the craft arsenal as I just abhor the stuff and it’s in my top 5 things I hate to clean up (the other 4 items are another post entirely…), I realised this after opening up a wedding invitation loaded with the stuff, in front of a fan – holy crap!!  I think I was finding glitter in places 12 months later – possibly also something to do with my rather haphazard approach to cleaning in general.

My little Tortured Artist

My little Tortured Artist


I have a couple of easels set up outside for painting and paint we do more days than not.  I have splotches, splatters and handprints on various surfaces, but I don’t mind them at all.  I love, love, love my kids paintings.


I have piles of them tucked away will-nilly, just waiting for me to discover what on earth to do with them all.  To date I’ve used them as gift wrapping (doesn’t everyone?), wall art around the house, frames for photos we’ve sent to Grandma that lives a long way away and that’s about all.  It doesn’t even begin to make a dent in the mountain of paintings, but oh well, they won’t go off if I don’t use them for anything.

Buying pads of paper was getting out of hand, so I got a bit thrifty and started saving the butchers paper that our wonderful local butcher wraps all of his goods in.  About two thirds of it makes the grade to painting, the other third goes to lighting the fire in winter – terribly environmental of me…

When I am spending time in the sewing room, I save all my tiny scraps of fabric, off-cut selvedge strips and anything else I think they will use and keep it in a box for use later.  Edie loves doing ‘fabwicks’ with me.  She can spend ages laying out a pack of charm squares into a quilt, “mum, do I have the bawance right?” is a common question.  A chip of the old block, so to speak.

So let them craft, I say, the mess be damned.

Til next time, be kind to yourself and your world.

Love Carmen

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