The Great Toy Explosion…

I have an abundance of toys for my kids.  It is scary how much stuff they have.  I do not know how this happened.  It is a bit out of control and trying to contain it is nearly impossible.

Until today.  I got off my butt and finally organised the play area a little.  It has great storage already, but no organisation to speak of.

Until today.  I made these to help keep the tsunami at bay.

Cute as can be.

Cute as can be.

I just googled ‘toy images free’ and picked out these from the millions of results I got.  Was gonna go all out and give the images the PSE (Photoshop Elements) treatment, but today wasn’t the day.  I wanted this project finished pronto.  I couldn’t bear the mayhem a moment longer.

So all I did was put the images into Publisher and printed them on plain white paper.  Used a roll of sticky tape as my circle to trace around and cut them out with scissors.  Used a pad of 6″ x 6″ scrapbooking papers as backing and tah-dah!

Got a wee bit carried away after the photo was taken and popped in some decorative brats in the corners.  Plugged in the trusty old hot glue gun and slapped them on the boxes in the storage unit in the play area.  Job done.  Even spent a couple of hours sorting toys into their categories – not sure why, kidlets will have them all willy-nilly in a day or two at the most.

Anyway, this is what they look like in situ – sorry about the crappy pic, was pitch dark and no handy lamp – just the flash on my phone.

Sorted - sort of.

Sorted – sort of.

A word of warning tho, make sure you sort your toys and work out what categories you need before you make your labels.  My ‘Wheels’ category now also holds assorted balls and farm animals…as you do.



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