Little Pots of Goodness Pt 2 Tutorial

Little Pots of Goodness is something I blogged about here a while ago.  Since then, my mum has clued me into a wonderful little secret she recently learned... You can cook stuff in jars WITH LIDS ON in the microwave!!!   It may not seem like much to you, but I always forget to get Reggie's … Continue reading Little Pots of Goodness Pt 2 Tutorial

Olive & Pesto Bread Tutorial

MillbraeMakes Olive & Pesto Bread 700g bread flour* 300g wholegrain flour** 600ml tepid water – you may need up to 700ml 1tbsp. dried yeast 1tbsp. salt 2tbsp. olive oil 3 doz Kalamata Olives – well drained and patted dry. ½ cup Basil & Pinenut Pesto 2tbsp. parmesan – finely grated *I love to use our … Continue reading Olive & Pesto Bread Tutorial

Day 8 #100happydays

I love ANZAC Day.  It is just the most beautiful, sad, poignant and significant day for me. I march every year for my Grandfather Reg.  Every year I get tears watching The Originals marching in front of me; I wonder at their pain, I dwell on the dwindling numbers of these brave souls, I give … Continue reading Day 8 #100happydays

Day 7 #100happydays

Thankfully all 3 kids love, love, love a bath. I could (and sometimes do), watch them play for hours, til the water is stone-cold and they are wrinkly little prunes. Sometimes they play together, but more often than not, independent of each other. Lost Immersed in some imaginary world filled with dogs and super-heroes and … Continue reading Day 7 #100happydays