I wish I’d never started this list…Part 1.

The other day I was wondering about the house (as you do), thinking about what project I would like to start next, when it dawned on me that I’ve yet to complete a single  room project in it’s entirety to date (Half-Done-Hetty is me).
We do live in a very old farmhouse, so that should put it into context for you, the things that need doing are endless. It was built in the early 20’s, a 4 roomed stone house with big verandah’s all the way around. There was only one owner of our home-place Millbrae, the Millers, before my family purchased the farm in 1950. My paternal grandparents, then my parents and now me and my husband are the guardians of this awesome country for future generations. How I came to be back on my family farm is another story entirely…(never say never to say the least…).
Over the years, all but a small portion of the front verandah has been enclosed and/or enlarged to become a big sprawling family home set among about one and a half acres of gardens, entertaining spaces, outbuildings and a pool. It IS as lovely as it sounds, but only if you don’t look too closely – the cracks are well and truly beginning to appear – then again, cracks are the one thing this house has very few of – go figure…
So when we moved in 4 years ago, (OMG! Has it really been 4 years already!!) I was 5 months pregnant with our first baby, and on Dr’s orders to take it easy, but oh, did I have grand plans in mind.  The baby journey had been pretty rough for Yap and I, so take it easy I did.
Kitchen – mum installed a new kitchen in 1978-ish, and whilst still functional, was a dark yellow walls with dark timber cabinetry (still in good shape). So a coat of paint, Dulux Antique White USA, on the walls and it was good enough for the time being. Still on the to-do list is new bench tops, paint all cabinetry (I’m thinking grey?), and do something with the floors, (hideous patterned carpet – sorry mum, but what were you thinking?).
Dunny – same dark yellow as the kitchen, so a lick of the same white paint and voila – lovely all over again. Shame about the horrendous toilet bowl (I’m thinking the first one ever produced), stained and calcified beyond belief. Yoohoo, fast forward to late last year and a new bowl and cistern installed. Still on the to-do list – do something with the floor, (multi-brown mosaic tile – blurgh) and get a new window frame made and installed – it has a lovely leadlight pane in and I want to keep this.

Bathroom – untouched since the 50’s – think pink and grey all over, need I say more. Due to a decent season in 2010 we were able to afford a totally new bathroom! Yay us. By the time it was completely installed and ready for use, I was pregnant with baby number 2, again with Dr’s orders to take it easy.  All that was left to do was caulk around the cornices and repaint the top third of the walls – easy peasy.  Still on the to-do list, caulk around the cornices and repaint the top third of the walls ;-).  I’ve even left it that long, I’ve been able to have baby number 3 and still no progress…

Kids Bedroom – Couldn’t wait to put my stamp on this one – it was mine and my big sisters bedroom as kids and in dire need of a make over.  Really not a lot to do in this room, repainting and new window treatments – a cinch and am happy to say, done.  Well that was until late last year when I noticed damp on the wall and floor closest to the bathroom.  Worst fear realised – a water leak in the wall.  There goes the new bathroom and the only completed room in the house.  Bugger, bugger, bugger.  Still in the throes of rectifying the damage, bathroom is now complete (apart from the afore-mentioned caulking and painting bits), but girls room is still quite worse for wear.  So, so glad we have insurance on this one – won’t be too out of pocket.

Righty-o, gonna cut to the chase – concise list here we come.

Boys Room (it’s now our spare room and a place for the kids to hang out while I am in the sewing room – was my 2 brothers bedroom back in the day – and my dad’s and his 2 brothers before that).

*Paint new window frames *Make up new curtains *Paint walls *Pretty things up a bit, cushions, throws etc *Make and install some artwork

Old Lounge Room (currently the baby’s room and soon to be our room)

*Install new french doors *Paint *Work out furniture placement *Source and install built-in wardrobes *Make and install headboard *Complete artwork and hang *Find a new home for the piano *New flooring

Grown-ups Room (currently our room, and my parents and my grandparents before that)

*Refinish windows *Work out furniture placement *Source and purchased furniture *Dress the room to be a rad little boys room *New flooring

Girls Room

*Get quotes for re-carpeting *Get quote for having the wall re-done *Put everything back where it should be

Sewing Room

*New flooring *Declutter, sort, organise and label everything


*New flooring *Paint *Hang tumble dryer *Source and install some shelving *Hang art


*New flooring (see a bit of a theme here…) *Paint *Source and install window treatments – thinking block-out blinds as it gets full afternoon sun


*New blind *Paint raw brick and cork wall *In an ideal world – enlarge 3-fold, it’s about the size of a large postage stamp, the $5 one

Lounge Room

*New curtains *New ceiling *New lighting

Dining Room

*New curtains *New ceiling *New lighting

Gosh, putting this down in black and white is making it all the more daunting.  Think I’d better go have a little lie down and a cup of tea before I tackle any more….



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