My Big Blue…

Autumn is my favourite time of year.

Reggie and I had the day to ourselves, so a wander outside was the order of the day.

I looked up.

Big Blue1 Big Blue2 Big Blue3 Big Blue4 Big Blue5 Big Blue6 Big Blue7



















And wondered how I could possibly capture just how impossibly blue the sky was today.

Reg and I ambled to the top of the hill in the tank paddock, where I proceeded to lie down in the remnants of last years’ canola and gaze at the blue with out interruption.  No trees, buildings, powerlines – just blue.  And more blue.  It was my entire field of vision.

So vivid, I could touch, taste and smell the blueness of it all.  I felt very, very small and yet very connected to life, my life, the life of the universe.  Maybe the heat was getting to me.

I tried to capture that feeling and emotion with these images.  I am not sure I succeeded.  But know that I have not edited or enhanced these images – it was just the bluest sky imaginable.  Garden-variety things, things with no aesthetic appeal otherwise, began to look beautiful against this bluest of blue back drops. Colours and shapes seemed to take on a life of their own.  I saw beauty in the most simple of patterns and composition.

It really was a beautiful day.

And I was lucky enough to be able to revel in it, immerse myself in it and quite simply enjoy it.  No more, no less.

Big Blue8

And I got to enjoy it with this little dude.  You just don’t get any luckier than that.

Peace out world. xxx



8 thoughts on “My Big Blue…

  1. michellebawden says:

    Beautiful shots! I know that blue and it thrills me to see it on your blog! The light and colour on the land we were raised upon, is like no other…pure, clear and white! Bless you and your musings xxx

  2. SHADOWBOX says:

    I love how when a piece of machinery doesn’t get put away on a farm (for whatever reason), it is referred to as being “parked up in the big blue shed” 🙂

  3. Sarah C. says:

    What a beautiful post and absolutely stunning immersive photos. Enjoying the simple things, that’s what it’s all about xx

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