Day 6 #100happydays

I love bread. I love making bread. I love kneading bread. I love the smell of yeast. I love the taste of sourdough. I love the steam rising from a loaf just pulled from the oven. I love everything about bread.
I created a new loaf today and I think it might just have been the best flavoured bread I have ever made.

photo 5 (2)

Yap, Brett & I devoured it in minutes, tearing chunks and dunking them in the nicest olive oil. Still really warm from the oven, a salty hit from the liberal sprinkling of parmesan on the crust, a bite of basil and pinenut in the pesto and then a big chunk of Kalamata olive – oh baby.

It was danged lucky that I managed to get any photos at all, we were in serious drooling mode.

I will be making it again with plenty of photographs and a step-by-step tutorial to post.

You will want to make this one.  This is not a threat.



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