Day 7 #100happydays

Thankfully all 3 kids love, love, love a bath. I could (and sometimes do), watch them play for hours, til the water is stone-cold and they are wrinkly little prunes.

Sometimes they play together, but more often than not, independent of each other. Lost Immersed in some imaginary world filled with dogs and super-heroes and tractors and motorbikes.

Not a whole lot of princess activity with these girls, Edie’s favourite colour is blue and she pretends to be Geo (a tiny maths superhero in Umi City).  Connie’s favourite colour is green and she pretends to be Bot (a robot genius in cartoon world somewhere).  And Reg, well, he just likes to splash and splash and then splash some more.

I’m guessing there will be princess-y stuff at some point, and dolls too I suppose, but I really like that they play outside, preferably in the mud and go on grand adventures with our dogs for company.

Happy days indeed.



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