Day 9 #100happydays

I cannot believe I’ve had my new (to me) sewing machine for over 3 weeks and today is the first day I actually got to try the embroidery bits. Oh, it was definitely worth the wait…

Leapin' Leon.

Leapin’ Leon.

He looks sooo much better in stitch than when I first drew him in my journal.  To say I’m rapt with the outcome is a major understatement.

As previously stated, I bought my machine second hand, sight unseen from a lovely lady that was changing brands.  Fortunately for me that meant I got every gadget/accessory the machine can have at a really bargain price.  Unfortunately, Janome writes terrible instructions and loading the software onto my computer took me a loooong time, but got there I did.  Also the instructions for loading a design onto the machine and actually sewing it are rotten as well.  Simple things like making sure you thread the bobbin before attaching the embroidery frame would have been handy.  Whinging aside, I got there in the end and am seriously over the moon with the results.

When those first stitches appeared, just where I thought they should – silly-whole-face-grin moment.

Hello Little Guy!

Hello Little Guy!

And then, as if by magic, he began to take form…

Nearly there...

Nearly there…

In what seemed like no time at all, it was time to trim the threads and welcome Leapin’ Leon to the world.

Happy dance now.

Happy dance now.

And happy dance I did.  Tomorrow he is going to find a new home on a t-shirt for one of the girls, Connie I think.  I don’t often do the whole cutesy thing, but today I did and I think he makes a lovely first project.

I am all a-buzz with ideas for designs and applications.  Cannot wait to show you more soon.





One thought on “Day 9 #100happydays

  1. michellebawden says:

    I love the fact that he’s called Leapin’ Leo!!! Just wonderful to see your baking, crafting and gorgeous food and the processes you take in making them!!! Bless you woman xx

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