Day 20 #100happydays

I love a good trading table – that’s a bake sale, if you are not from Kimba…
This is my contribution.

Recipe to follow...

Recipe to follow…

A whole lot of chewy gooey goodness folks.  And I’m loving how my super quick 5 minute tags turned out.

The original recipe comes from a lovely lady by the name of Ave G, whom I knew way back when in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.  Her husband Lindsay was my boss and Ave used to make this and bring it in for morning tea – I begged and begged for the recipe.  Finally she gave in and shared it with me – it has pride of place in the front of my handwritten recipe book.

I’ve fiddled with it only a wee bit and substituted half the amount of flour with almond meal, it makes it a bit chewier and gooeyer (so not a word).

This trading table is supporting our local Kindergarten – which is totally the best Kindy ever.



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