Day 23 #100happydays

Today was a very good day indeed.  I finally finished all the BAS statements (only 2 weeks late…) and had a lovely few hours in the kitchen, ahh how sweet life is.

The goodness coming out of my kitchen today included my always wonderful Everyday Bread, Zucchini Leek & Speck Soup and the sinfully good Sticky Date Pudding.


Recipes to follow soon.

My internet is giving me the pips, it’s gone into slow down mode and doesn’t reset until the 25th of the month!  15 whole days away – how on earth am I to cope?

Nevermind, it will just mean that I have to concentrate on other things for the next fortnight.  Look out Sewing Room, here I come.

Gonna finally plunge right in and start making a headboard for our bed.  My plan includes, quilting and tufted upholstery.  Never before have I done anything like it, so could be a bit of a bumpy journey – oh man, am I looking forward to it.  Hopefully there will a fabulous post all about it in the next week or so.



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