Day 24 #100happydays

Day24My nephew Max is a teenager!  Lordy, where did that 13 years go?  I still remember so vividly my sister Dee-anne, ringing me with the news.  I was living in Kununurra, Western Australia and Mum and Dad were visiting, Dee-anne wanted to tell them herself, so I wasn’t allowed to share the news – I nearly popped a gasket.

My sister, she that was never having kids – was having a baby.  Oh the hilarious conversations we had on the phone about what kind of mother she would make and the clangers she would pull.  And I am happy to report, clangers were pulled, mistakes were made – and don’t we all, but above all, Max was loved unconditionally everyday.  He is a wonderful kid and I am so lucky to be able to share so much of his life.

Happy Birthday Max.



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