Sometimes, you just get lucky, right time, right place etc…

Yesterday I decided to wash my car, no biggie for most of the population, but for me it’s a once in a blue moon kind of affair.
Busy with the pressure cleaner and noticed what looked like a bit of string hanging down from the front passenger door… I’ve got 3 young kids – it could be string…
Oh shit, not string. Mouse tail. OK, starting to freak out now, I hate, hate, hate mice and we have lots of them at the moment. Give it a massive hit with the pressure cleaner…will not budge. Must investigate.
Open door of car, peer up under the bottom edge of the door, mouse’s head is stuck in the drain hole between the edge of the door and the seal, give dead mouse a bit of a poke with the end of the pressure cleaner nozzle.   Nuh, still will not budge. Shit, shit, shit, this means manual extraction – the type that involves my hands actually touching the mouse. With stomach roiling, I go over to the shed to get some rags to enable hands to not actually touch aforementioned mouse. Knees now a bit wobbly and stomach definitely recoiling at the thought of the impending procedure. Huff, huff, 1, 2, 3, just do it. Will spare you the truly horrid details, mouse successfully removed. Very lucky indeed. Yuck, is a very large understatement.
How on earth is this a lucky thing, you may well ask? If I’d not decided to wash the car yesterday and left it for another day or two, said mouse would have started to decompose and removal would have been even more hideous, and the stench in my car…unthinkable. Only those that have lived through a mouse plague can understand the magnitude of this. Complete disaster averted, very thankful indeed.

Today, husband, kidlets and I trundle off to our local footy and netball for a day out. Best day, as usual and really I don’t know why we don’t do it more often…again, 3 very young kids…sometimes (well, actually most of the time), it is just easier to stay home.
Anyway, day is drawing to a close and I get myself settled at a table with some friends, cider in hand, happy as a clam, chatting away.
Jacqui (super-excellent lass), is telling the other girls about my #100happydays challenge and my (this!!) new found blogging habit. Feeling a wee bit flustered with the attention, Jac brings up my recent post on Facebook about Yarn Bombing. Other girls are none the wiser to what Yarn Bombing is all about, except Kate (bless her, she googled Yarn Bombing after my post), so I then googled it for them and showed the girls what I was talking about.
Boom!!! Major excitement ensued as we chatted about where, when, how etc. Oh lordy, was I in 7th heaven or what?
I had actually decided to forgo the YB saga as I had not gotten any response to my post and decided I would just do some all by my lonesome, here on the farm, for my own enjoyment.
And now, I have this posse of incredibly enthusiastic, wonderful women all a-flutter for a spot of Yarn Bombing.
Fortune is just around the corner, you never know where or when it is going to strike…
Good things come in 3’s, so the saying goes. Got my eyes wide open for the third.
Stay tuned for Yarn Bombing updates…

3 thoughts on “Sometimes, you just get lucky, right time, right place etc…

  1. SHADOWBOX says:

    How on earth did I miss your original yarn bombing post? (Not that it matters now that I have deets). Dearest Poss, do spread this concept far and wide… At least as wide as Wharminda/Port Neill :):):) love a piece of this action! xo

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