Days 52 – 58 #100happydays

Seriously, it has been crazy. Sad, happy, traumatic, beautiful and it's my life. The week that was...(nearly 3 weeks ago). I love my kids.  At this point in time, I really, really, really love them - they have provided me with the kind of love that knows no bounds, the kind of love that you … Continue reading Days 52 – 58 #100happydays

Days 45 – 51 #100happydays

My sincere apologies. It has been one of the most shocking, traumatic and emotional weeks of my life. I won't go into details as it is all too raw; I am fine, as is my family. A dear, dear friend is fighting for her life, and short of a miracle, it is a fight she … Continue reading Days 45 – 51 #100happydays