Days 88-94 #100happydays

Just when I think I am on top of it all! Wow, how did I get nearly 2 weeks behind posting again? Oh well, better late than never... Day 88.  My sister put me onto this Chai blend from T2.  Absolutely beautiful, the scent is just divine as it steeps and the taste, ahh, every … Continue reading Days 88-94 #100happydays

Days 80-86 #100happydays

I think I can, I think I can, said the little blue train. It's kinda how I feel at the moment - so close to being up to date with posting my #100happydays photos... yippee! Day 80.  It's grainy, out of focus and beeeeautiful.  I love that Edie, bless her cotton picking socks, is snap … Continue reading Days 80-86 #100happydays

Days 73-79 #100happydays

Really must get a wee bit more efficient and organised with the whole posting regularly caper. I am now 2 weeks behind posting the #100happydays photos. Day 73.  It's no secret to Mother's the world over - you can pack an enormous amount of vegies into sausage rolls.  The kidlets scarf these down, almost as … Continue reading Days 73-79 #100happydays

Day 66 – 72 #100happydays

I was going to apologise for the unhappy #100happyday pics, but you know what?  It's my #100happydays and this is how I choose to celebrate it.  I am quietly pleased and suprised by the way I have managed to find a wee little bit of happy in nearly every one of the days of the last … Continue reading Day 66 – 72 #100happydays

Days 59 – 65 #100happydays

Slowly catching up to today. I am thinking if the days had been easier, less painful, then I wouldn't have put off writing about them for so long. Here it is, the good, the bad and the ugly... Day 59.  I just cannot get enough of my girl's artwork.  I have drawers full of saved … Continue reading Days 59 – 65 #100happydays