Letter to Reggie

My darling Reggie,
I am aghast, you are one already, where did the time go? Maybe gazing at you, all starry-eyed with love and wonder; maybe the time has been so precious that it was sent to a zip file, all nicely compressed in my memory for all time?
You are the sweetest-natured little guy, happily chatting to yourself, playing with your terribly interesting fingers, chasing the dappled sunlight across the dining room floor, just being you.  Your big sister Edie, is your greatest champion, as I am sure you will be hers in years to come. She adores you, getting all up in your face with her love and affection – sometimes I am sure you would like to tell her to back off a bit, enough with the touchy-feely stuff, give me some air… She just wants to be your everything. Like you are to me.
You are turning into quite the climber, you cannot walk, but boy, there are not many places you cannot get to if you really want to be there. Outside this morning, I was hanging out the washing and the girls were playing in the garden in front of the Cottage – then you were there too, you had clambered over the granite rocks edging the garden, ploughed your way through the pea-straw mulch and found them in their ‘secret hideaway’. Little devil. When you are properly mobile and walking, I am going to attach a bell to you, or a GPS tracking device…
Connie calls you ‘cute little guy’, rarely does she call you by name – I do not know why this is. It makes me smile.
She likes you now, a little, and is just starting to play with you, she will not however, share toys with you – not at all. Even if you only received them two days ago for your first birthday and would like to have a play – sorry dude, Connie will not have a bar of it. Don’t worry tho little guy, I have put most of them away in your room, just for you.
You have recently developed a love for all things vehicular – if it’s got wheels, it rocks. You even make engine noises! It makes me laugh to watch you on your knees, hands on the tractor’s cab, wheeling around the kitchen. I’m guessing it’s a boy thing…tho both of your sisters love trucks and tractors. Nanna gave them both a doll for Christmas and they hated them!
Here is a list of some of your favourite things…
1. Me – morning, noon and night. I feel the same way about you too xxx.
2. Wheels – toy trucks and tractors, prams, bikes – any wheel will do.
3. You love Arnotts Scotch Finger biscuits.
4. You are so happy outside, you want to spend every waking minute outside. If you are cranky, which isn’t often, you will perk up totally if I take you outside.
5. Coffee cups – no Reggie, no.
6. The fire. My lord, you are fixated. No amount of telling off or barriers will keep you away – obsessed dude. Scares the pants off me.
7. Baths, seriously you love the water. And splash – mercy me, how can someone so little in such an enormous bath, make such a mess everywhere? You have been taught by the best – just ask your sisters. Pretty sure I am gonna hate summer when the three of you are constantly begging to go swimming, all day, every day.
You are a wonderful kid and I love you absolutely silly. And I always will.
Mucho love,
Mum xxx

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