It’s a Handmade Christmas at Millbrae… Part 1.

T-Shirt Yarn1a Wreath1a Wreath2aIt all sounded like a good idea when my sister suggested it; all gifts (excepting kids) must be handmade.
Awesome, do so love a good challenge. Days and weeks pass and I have not done a thing… no surprise there – forward planning is really not my strong suit. Gulp, it’s mid-November and there is nada, nothing made for anyone – bugger.
OK, so it really is waaaay past the time when I should have been busily creating loads of wonderful-ness for the fam. Surely it is never too late? I mean, I have a whole month, right?
So last week I began. Two gifts down, seven to go, easy peasy lemon squeezy. Sorry, can’t share the pics with you as yet – where would the excitement be for the recipients if I was to reveal all now. Except it’s mostly the blokes left – what the hell do you make them, Frilly aprons for the BBQ, Scrubby/Soapy stuff for seriously dirty hands, what the hell?
I am coming up empty handed in the fabulous ideas department.
All suggestions will be gratefully accepted, seriously. I am begging you.
All beginnings of panic aside, I have also made a really cool wreath for the Front Door. 2 hours from start to finish. My kind of project, messy, quick and using only scraps – woohoo.

That giant ball of t-shirt yarn has been crocheted into 3 splendid treasures and is only the beginning of this particular addiction I’m afeared…

More soon, til then, hug someone unexpectedly.  Not someone completely random tho, that could get awkward.


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