12 Spaces, 12 Months, 12 Edits

Yep, that’s what I’m gonna do.
I am overflowing with stuff, good stuff, bad stuff, old stuff, maybe stuff, one day stuff, stuff-knows stuff. And it needs to go.
The Kitchen is my starting point, it’s a big kitchen, a really big kitchen, with miles of bench spaces, oodles of cupboards and absolutely nowhere to put anything. Every single cupboard is full to bursting, the bench tops have disappeared under a mountain of detrius. Seriously, what 5 person household needs 27 main course plates? 34 Serving Platters of various size, shape and colour? Really?
So it’s a very big edit, not quite to the bare minimum as I do really love to cook and spend an enormous amount of time in the kitchen, but I’m thinking in the vicinity of 30% less. I want room to breathe.

I won’t bore you with the details of the other spaces, but they are (in no particular order…), the Dining Room, Kids Play Area, Laundry (including an unused Shower room, which has become store-room central), Sewing Room (be still my beating heart, it must be done), Spare Room, Pantry, Barbie Area (as in BBQ, not dolls:-), Office, Porch, Our Bedroom, Reg’s Bedroom.

In part this undertaking has been inspired by the lovely Annette from over at I Give You The Verbs, and her Hoist the Hangers series of posts.  Kudos to you girl xx.

Like I said, it's cluttered, and then some...

Like I said, it’s cluttered, and then some…

Can’t wait to get started.

Love Carmen xx


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