Letter to My Girl…

Collage LettersI received one of these a month or two ago and I wrote about it here.
And it got me to thinking, why don’t I write letters anymore? I used to be an avid letter writer, long rambling missives to friends all over the country. And I loved it. No matter if I received letters in return (tho it was always wonderful to find a letter in the mailbox that didn’t have a window), I just loved writing letters.
I have a collection of letters that I have written over the years, some photocopied-hand written ones, some in envelopes never posted and some on floppy disks (oh my, showing my age now), it’s been a long while since I last dug them out, but they are there, awaiting to become compiled into my memoirs perhaps? Maybe for my children to discover someday – and won’t they be surprised by the mischief told!
So tonight I sat down and penned my first letter…
Stamped, addressed and ready to post.

Get out your pad of paper, grab a pen and just write. A note, a card, an epic letter; just write to someone. You will be glad you did.

And who knows, maybe we can start a revolution!

Carmen xx

One thought on “Letter to My Girl…

  1. Rose Marianne says:

    Carmen – just discovered your blog and am so enjoying your musings!! Letter writing – funny but I have been thinking a lot about letter writing of late and finding your written piece on it has further encouraged me to get on with it and stop just thinking about it.
    thank you

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