A Year of Australian Writing – part 2…

Gosh, for a chick that has not read more than a shopping list for the last 5 years, have I got off to a flying start!! Whoop, whoop, me.
January 2015 shall be forever known to me as the-month-I-got-to-read-again and lordy, did I love it.

It’s all part of A Year of Australian Writing, happening over at Meet Me At Mikes.

First I got stuck into ANZAC GIRLS by Peter Rees. And I loved, loved, loved it. You know sometimes when you read a book and between reading sessions, it stays with you? This was one of those rare books.  It’s fair to say the house and kids were a bit neglected during the 3 days it took me to finish it.  It was beautiful, haunting, horrific, funny and profoundly moving. ANZAC GIRLS will forever remain with me as one of the best books I have ever read.

Anzac Girls - Peter Rees

After such a heavy read, and something I would not usually choose to read, I needed a light-hearted book up next.  The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion was the pick.  I enjoyed this immensely!  What is basically chick-lit, it was quite strange at first to be reading in the first person of the main character Don Tillman, but I got into the swing of things straight away and read this cover to cover in one sitting.  Having 3 small kids and reading until 1.30am is not clever.  Mental note to self – don’t do this again.  But the lack of sleep was well worth it, have put the sequel on my reading list for later.

The Rosie Project

Next cab off the rank, The Tapestry of Us, Lily Pickard was chosen from the cover art alone.  It was all out of whack, the ending first, then back to the start and moved forward to the ending.  When I did make it to the end, I went back and read the first section again – it was a bit queer.  Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed this, the characters were really believable and the story engaging.  And I don’t think it could have worked, written in chronological order, but it was odd.

And that is me.  One month, 4 books.  Australian Writing rocks.

Goodnight, happy reading.


The list so far:

Wife on the Run – Fiona Higgins

ANZAC GIRLS – Peter Rees

The Rosie Project – Graeme Simsion

The Tapestry of Us – Lily Pickard

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