It’s a Handmade Christmas at Millbrae… Part 1.

It all sounded like a good idea when my sister suggested it; all gifts (excepting kids) must be handmade. Awesome, do so love a good challenge. Days and weeks pass and I have not done a thing... no surprise there - forward planning is really not my strong suit. Gulp, it's mid-November and there is … Continue reading It’s a Handmade Christmas at Millbrae… Part 1.

Sometimes, you just get lucky, right time, right place etc…

Yesterday I decided to wash my car, no biggie for most of the population, but for me it's a once in a blue moon kind of affair. Busy with the pressure cleaner and noticed what looked like a bit of string hanging down from the front passenger door... I've got 3 young kids - it … Continue reading Sometimes, you just get lucky, right time, right place etc…

Day 34 #100happydays

I love stamps - tho I have so much going on that collecting and putting into albums is waaay beyond me. However, I do save all my stamps for mum, she has created albums for all the grandkids. I received a parcel today in the post, just covered with stamps! The old fashioned way - … Continue reading Day 34 #100happydays

Day 19 #100happydays

I am in love with the art my kids bring home from Little Kindy.  My kitchen walls are covered in their creativity.  I have piles of paintings hoarded in drawers and cupboards all over the house, I cannot bear to part with it. To view the full image, click here. They are my creative geniuses. … Continue reading Day 19 #100happydays

Day 17 #100happydays

I'd like you to meet some dear friends of mine, Willy & Nelly. Willy & Nelly, these are some other newer friends. Yap and I made Willy (Westend) and Nelly (No-Knickers) 10 years ago for the now defunct Beyond and Back Outback Challenge.  They served as holders for donation tins for showers. They've finally found … Continue reading Day 17 #100happydays