Images from My Day…

Today I took a load of random images...   My current project, nearing completion.     I love the colours of glass-head pins. Reggie, loving the watermelon. Offering sage advice to Dad re the yard reno's. Connie and Kaz, spending some quality time together.  Cat's are an enigma, right?  Connie spends most of her time … Continue reading Images from My Day…

The Universe Is Of Infinite Abundance… (part 2)

It turns out that I am not going crazy, and that in itself is jolly good news. I went to the Doctor, thinking I was going on a journey of recovering from some form of mental illness, when lo and behold, it turns out I was pregnant! A couple of times, I had wondered if … Continue reading The Universe Is Of Infinite Abundance… (part 2)

Days 45 – 51 #100happydays

My sincere apologies. It has been one of the most shocking, traumatic and emotional weeks of my life. I won't go into details as it is all too raw; I am fine, as is my family. A dear, dear friend is fighting for her life, and short of a miracle, it is a fight she … Continue reading Days 45 – 51 #100happydays

Day 24 #100happydays

My nephew Max is a teenager!  Lordy, where did that 13 years go?  I still remember so vividly my sister Dee-anne, ringing me with the news.  I was living in Kununurra, Western Australia and Mum and Dad were visiting, Dee-anne wanted to tell them herself, so I wasn't allowed to share the news - I … Continue reading Day 24 #100happydays

Day 19 #100happydays

I am in love with the art my kids bring home from Little Kindy.  My kitchen walls are covered in their creativity.  I have piles of paintings hoarded in drawers and cupboards all over the house, I cannot bear to part with it. To view the full image, click here. They are my creative geniuses. … Continue reading Day 19 #100happydays