Hello Wonderful You, welcome to my world.

I’m just on the wiser side of 40 and have 3 awesome kids, Edie 3, Connie 2 and Reg 8 months (March 2014), husband Yap, also awesome, 2 dogs, Ian the lab and Gus the kelpie and a cat named Kaz.  We also had one chook**, until sometime in the last 24 hours when she literally fell off the perch.   1200 merino sheep, a big pot of crazy, creative mayhem and all on 4000 acres of the most beautiful land on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula.

**Taking the scraps up a few minutes ago, and going to collect the eggs, and dead chook – poor thing, no idea what caused her demise, but she hadn’t laid an egg in over a week, so maybe that was a sign that all wasn’t well in Chickenopolis.  As soon as I saw the chook I shushed the girls and told them she was sleeping (knee-jerk reaction, gonna have to break the news at some point).  And that is the end of our delicious eggs for a while.  Our new chooks are due to arrive in a few weeks, maybe I can tell the girls that the old chook has gone to make some new friends at another Chickenopolis….

OK, that had nothing to do with getting to know me, but that is what happened a few minutes ago and it bothered me some.

Here we go again, apart from the assorted humans and animals, I am a part of our wonderful Kimba Show Committee.  It came very close to folding 3 years ago and I became part of an amazingly passionate group of people that breathed new life into the event.  After only our first Show, we won Community Event of the Year at the District Council of Kimba Australia Day Awards.  To say we were pretty chuffed is quite the under-statement.

The Show is a celebration of all things country and a testament to our community and district as a whole.  I am incredibly proud to be involved in this group and can’t wait to be a part of the 87th Annual Kimba Show.  See more of what we are about here:  www.kimbashow.com.au

I don’t like labels.  I don’t like to be pigeon-holed.  I love diversity.  I love creativity in all its forms.  I love my family unconditionally.  I love colour.  I love music.  I love life.  I love a good argument.  I love coffee.  I love crafting with my kids – or without.  I love being outside.  I love autumn.  I love swimming.  I love reading blogs.  I don’t like creepy-crawlies of any kind.  I don’t like mean people.  I love making bread.  I love the smell of bread baking.  I love eating bread, warm from the oven.  I love the unexpected.  I really don’t like scary movies.  I love doing things in my own crazy way.  I love life on the farm.  I love, love, love my family and my wonderful treasure-trove of friends.

My little blog is all about what floats my boat, be it life, love, food, kids, craft, the farm, whatever.

I hope you enjoy it and would love to hear from you.

Find me here, or

instagram millbraemakes





2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dearest Carmen,

    If feels as though it’s been ages since the completion of your #100happydays journey and while I know that you are in the midst of harvest, I feel a maniacal urge to pester you.

    Please don’t stop blogging. Ever.


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